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Adeline O'Flynn-Ploque

Adeline O'Flynn-Ploque

Adeline O'Flynn-Ploque


Vasia Toxavidi

Adeline O'Flynn-Ploque

Adeline O'Flynn-Ploque


Adeline O'Flynn-Plocque

French - English Bilingual therapist, 

I am qualified and supervised on Transactional Analysis.


I am a seasoned manager having worked for multinational companies for more than twelve years. I have also practiced psychological support for Institut Curie patients in Paris for five years

I specialise in the following issues : 

• Stress management and work efficiency (personal or professional)

• Depression, anxiety and somatisations (children and adults)

• Individual and familial therapy for expatriates

Training and Experience

As a psycho-practitioner, I followed the teaching of a school psychotherapy and made ​​some personal work corresponding to the theoretical references of this school .• Transactional Analysis Master at Ecole d’Analyse Transactionnelle, Paris

• PTSTA supervision

• Private practice Psychotherapy, Paris & London

• Private and NHS Centres, London - work amongst young adults with autistic spectrum

• Clinical experience at Institut Curie, Paris

• Stress management in international companies for 10 years, Paris, London & Dublin

Psychotherapy, what for?!...


A new year begins... and why not choose some space and quality time for your 

mind before falling into the stressful routine again?

When you have regular dark thoughts, when it’s hard to get out of your bed, 

when you are systematically falling into the same situations of suffering or when 

you feel it’s not possible to lead a “normal” life…

Psychotherapy is here to help,  guide and bring you back on the path to autonomy.

Psychotherapy will help you to rediscover some well-being perspectives, better 

self-knowledge, mindfulness and self-awareness.

How does it work?

Usually based on a weekly session, the relationship between the patient and the 

therapist grows and relies on mutual trust, but also the well-being and autonomy 

of the patient. It is based on the fundamental positive nature of the human being, 

one’s ability to make choices and follow them and understanding based on a simple 

and accessible language.


The frame of my practice is contractual, that is to say that the link between the 

therapist and the patient is based on free negotiation and acceptance of a clearly 

defined contract. This contract can be amended regularly if the client sees fit.

There is no good or bad contract, but instead it is there to understand the request 

of the client in order to accompany them without creating any dependency.


What is Transactional Analysis?…

This is a theory of communication based on the personality, developed by the 

American psychiatrist Eric Berne in the 60’s. A powerful tool that I discovered ten 

years ago and that aims to analyse what happens in one’s « transactions », the basic 

communication units of human interactions that we experience in everyday life.

To cite one of the many concepts of this practice, TA is developing three ‘Ego 

States’ that manifest in us in every situation, of everyday life. Designated as the 

ego state ‘Child’, ‘Parent’ and ‘Adult’, they respectively refer to our sensations and 

feelings, our judgments and protective attitudes, or our ability to analyse situations 

and act accordingly. It is relying on the analysis of these that I work with patients. 

In searching how ego states manifest in a particular situation with a particular 

person, we understand what is at stake, or is endlessly replaying in our life scenario.


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Vasia Toxavidi


I have a BSc Hons in Psychology, an MSc in Applied Psychology, an MSc in Child Development and Learning and an MA in Relationship Therapy.


I have always been interested in the analysis of human relationships and decided to specialize in Relationship Counselling. I am working as a sessional counsellor for Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster Mind Talking Therapies and Well-being Service while in addition I am running my own private practice in Central London.  


Key to a successful outcome is enabling my clients to feel comfortable in a safe and trustworthy environment in which genuine interest, empathy and focused listening and understanding takes place. I work on the basis of absolute trust and confidentiality adopting the BACP’s ethical guidelines and confidentiality policies. 


Through listening to my clients it is more than likely to use a combination of different methods within the therapy sessions to resolve issues, ranging from narrative, transpersonal, psychodynamic to systemic approaches, to mention a few.


I am an accredited Member of the British Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists (BACP)



I offer impartial, non-judgemental support and guidance to anyone with relationship issues, whether divorced, married, about to get married, single, seperated or co-habiting for both same sex and heterosexual partners. I can also help those who are still affected by difficulties from a past relationship or who are going through the experience of seperation. I work with a wide range of couple issues such as communication difficulties, sexual and emotional intimacy, affairs, loss of desire, management of domestic and daily life, the arrival of children, financial disputes and many other.  I am happy to see a couple individually, if both parties agree always under the same rules of confidentiality. 


Based on a systemic model of psychotherapy I offer help to families who have communication or relationship issues. Individuals can attend on their own or with other family members if needed as the aim in family therapy is to support family members to learn to express themselves better within the family system and help the family resolve its problems jointy. 


I work with individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, social isolation, low self-esteem, internal anger, guilt, blame, loss of a relationship, loss of job, uncertainty about the future and many other issues. I can offer coaching around career decisions and personal development. I work on a short-term or long term basis according to the situation.


I am an accredited IPT therapist offering interpersonal psychotherapy for Depression, a time-limited treatment for up to 16 sessions that treats episodic Depression through Interpersonal lenses.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy views Depression as any other illness that can be linked to transitions such as relationship breakdown, divorce or job loss, having constant conflict with significant others, losing someone close to us or having interpersonal difficulties in maintaining or creating healthy relationships. It is a recommended treatment for episodic Depression and it has been evidenced to produce recovery most of the time.


I am happy to provide Skype sessions while applying the same rules of confidentiality


• It can reduce bitterness and conflict and open as well as improve healthier channels of communication. 

• It can help someone to cope better with issues of separation, rejection or abandonment. 

• It can provide a calm and safe setting in which people can focus on their needs and on what is happening within themselves. 

• It can enhance the ability between a ‘system’ of people to produce an agreement which can be workable for all parties and can be longer lasting.    


• Support you to start expressing yourself and your needs in a healthier way.

• Provide a ‘safe’ and non-judgmental environment where I can guide you to start building better communication between yourself and significant others and explore difficult feelings and emotions.

• Reaching decisions for yourselves or others when all you see around you is chaos and confusion and possibly pain.

• Providing you the space to share your ‘own’ story in full confidentiality and be listened to and guided through exploring unconscious or conscious patterns of behaviour that lead to repetitive behavioural  patterns or ‘loops’.  


• I never contact third parties about a client I am seeing unless I know that a child or adult is at immediate risk of harm. Clients’ sessions are completely confidential. This is a fundamental ethical principle in psychotherapy and I am bound by the ethical code of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherpy.


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