Marjorie Genest

I am a fully qualified Holistic Energy Healing Therapist, Aromatherapist, Reiki master, Shaman, Crystal and Sound Practitioner.

My journey into holistic therapies and energy healing started many years ago. Born an indigo child, I was able very early on to use my psychic and mediumship abilities, to connect and relate to living things on a deep soul and emotional level, which in time facilitated the development of my intuitive healing abilities. 

In my adult life I supported my natural gift by training in many different modalities, such as Aromatherapy, Colour therapy, Crystal therapy, Massage, Meditation, Reflexology, Reiki, Shamanism, Sound therapy, Thetahealing, Visualisation... Today I use all this knowledge as tools to allow me to tailor the best possible treatment for my patients. I guide and support them through their life journey back to wellbeing. I help them release emotional patterns, limiting beliefs and energy blocks that have been holding them back for years. I teach them tools to empower themselves and regain control of their body, their life and their dreams.

Helping others to thrive, grow, blossom, awaken and reconnect is my mission, my purpose. Every time I’m allowed to do so, I’m not only honoured but also truly humbled by the trust and confidence of those beautiful souls.

Here at the clinic, I will principally be offering Energy Healing, Crystal & Sound therapy and Shamanic clearing. Other modalities such as Time Line Trauma Release, Thetahealing, Past life work, Shamanic Journeying are available upon request.

How do Energy Healing, Crystal & Sound therapy work?

All these therapies work by interacting with the human biomagnetic field, which support the nervous and hormonal system, as well as the natural body homeostasis. The resonance and vibration of sound, crystals or Shamanic singing allow energy to move, be directed and focused throughout the whole body to restore balance and promote healing and deep relaxation.

These therapies are non-invasive and perfectly safe, which makes it a fantastic tool to work with the elderly, children and also to work alongside traditional medicine and others holistic therapies.

Energy Healing, Sound & Crystal Therapies has been known to help relieve stress and anxiety and promote overall well being, relaxation, focus and clarity.

How does Shamanic clearing work?

Shamanic clearing works in very similar ways to energy healing but adds an ancestral dimension to it. Using Mediumship abilities, we connect to the energies beyond this world to free the soul from any karmic attachment as well as ancestral burdens. It brings great peace to mind, the body and the spirit.

During shamanic clearing we use sound and instruments such as drums or rattles, Songs known as Icaros and light languages bring the realm of the seen and the unseen closer together.

Shamanic Clearing helps get a clearer vision in our relationships and our lives. It helps redefine a sense of purpose and direction.

For more information or to book your session, get in touch on 07747 197939  or send an email to


“I can honestly say Marjorie is a very special healer indeed. We met in a field, at a gathering of conscious minds. She did the best angel card read I have ever experienced. Little did I know this would start a beautiful partnership.
I have had two healings by Marjorie, and they have both been incredible. I can’t quite describe what it was like, just life changing really. Marjorie has a heart of gold, and the spirit of a youngster. Highly recommend her” (Andrew.R)

“It was absolutely lovely and a real treat to have crystal therapy with Marjorie. She’s naturally very tuned in, caring and commitment to her clients. I’ve walked out of her session feeling completely re-calibrated and balanced. She’s a powerful light worker with multiple talents and I hope more people benefit from her beautiful presence and magical skills. I shall also add that she’s especially good in helping people that at the start of or/ going through a transformational phase. A lovely angel she is“ (Pinar.G)

“Beautiful, wise, and powerful. Marjorie is an outstanding therapist.” (Vanya.S)

“I have been guided to receive healing from Marjorie very accidentally. At the moment I was having very unpleasant experiences, which I did not want to have anymore and then I met Marjorie, and the timing could've not been better. I have received a healing combined with sound, crystals, energy. The treatment I received was phenomenal as unpleasant experiences stopped immediately and never returned to my life since. Marjorie's energy and big personality, her intuition and compassion make her a great healer. I truly recommend her services, she is amazing!” (Grazina.Z)

“Having a great love of the crystal kingdom, I looked forward to my crystal therapy session with Marjorie. After an initial consultation to determine what we would focus on, I laid down while Marjorie placed the chosen crystals on my chakras, with a crystal grid around my heart. I soon began to relax to the sound of peaceful background music, and fell into a deepened state as Marjorie began to work on me. I was impressed by Marjorie’s friendly yet confident and professional manner. I left feeling clearer, much lighter and well rested.” (Paula.B)


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