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​Arantxa De Dios

I'm a qualified multilingual and passionate Transformational Life Coach from Animas Centre for Coaching (the best in UK) who specialises in helping people to find their balance, make important decisions and transform their lives. I'm also currently training to become a qualified NLP professional and hypnotherapist, qualifying in June 2018.

I combine my coaching with my multilingualism and natural energy to coach my clients in any one of 4 languages ( Spanish -  French - Italian - English).

As someone who has lived a colourful and varied life in several countries, and having  been coached substantially myself, i bring real world experience and know how to put myself in the shoes of my clients to provide them with maximum value. 

​I enable my clients to connect with their true selves more deeply, understand their most intense emotions, and discover simple and practical solutions that will make the changes they have been looking for.

I will help to empower you to make significant choices, deal with problems and achieve your objectives with confidence and certainty. I work with a variety of individuals from all different walks of life who are committed to creating a positive change in crucial areas of their lives.


I coach on many aspects of personal and professional life,and my specialty is exploring with clients their deepest thoughts and feelings in three areas which often create uncertainty and turbulence both emotionally and practically:


​This can often come as a shock despite the joy and celebration. Your whole world changes and suddenly you are responsible for another life, as well as working and maintaining your health and relationships. I will help you find a balance between your career, social life, relationship and family time. Being a parent is a challenge and it is important to know your stress triggers and what you can do to relax.​I'm a mother of two, so this is something I've explored in depth, both in theory and in reality.


I use my own personal experiences of settling into foreign environments to support people who are foreigners in the country in which they live, or who will be in the future, or who are thinking about the idea as an option.


We all experience relationship problems at some point in our lives. The problems could occur with a family member, a friend, a lover or even a work colleague. If a certain partnership or connection is not fulfilling your expectations, your happiness can be affected. I support people at all stages of relationship decisions whether it be starting or ending a relationship, dealing with challenges, making changes within a relationship, or taking things to the next level. I will be able to show you different ways of coping with a sensitive situation, how to remain calm, understand what you want and make the right choice for you.​​


​I also work with clients on the following themes:

​​Stress reduction

​​Health and well-being

Self-discovery and exploration

Work and life balance

Gaining clarity of thinking

Facing and overcoming fear

​​Enhancing social skills

​​Confidence and self-belief

Motivation and energy

Interests and passions

Personal development

Handling pressure

Changing habits

Change management

Time management

Goal setting and realisation

Action planning and self-assessment

Overcoming procrastination

Weight loss or gain 

I often tell people that coaching is magic , because I believe that all of us have the power to make something magic happen. The answers to achieving that live inside us all, we only need help to find it and unlock it.


Please contact me to ask any questions you may have or to arrange a day and time that best suits you (I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).


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Or give me a call on 07837 513132


"I would thoroughly recommend Arantxa. She has a lovely calm and reassuring style in her coaching. And I really got the sense she fully supported me in achieving my objectives. She helped me think about things in a different way ".

"Arantxa is a warm, engaging and thoughtful coach. She has a strong ability to see through the complexity of a situation and to ask challenging questions that bring a greater sense of clarity and direction. Arantxa is a multi-linguist and speaks very fluent English. I think this gives her a strong edge to coach across language and cultural groups. I would definitely recommend her as a coach". 

"Arantxa is a fantastic coach and an inspiration in business! She is warm and friendly but uses a direct approach that really forces you to find the answers for yourself. She helps you discover and address the things that are holding you back and offers useful, practical tools that you can implement on a daily basis".

"I really feel i got a lot out of our sessions. We covered a few different areas of my life where I was trying to make progress. Arantxa worked with me on each one to work out what the barriers I was encountering. Then ones those barriers were identified, she helped me find different ways of looking at things. I found particular breakthroughs on developing my career and issues around improving my home environment".

"The whole coaching process was excellent. It has made a positive change to my life. I will continue to practise the skills I have learnt and hope to continue with sessions".

"I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Arantxa, it helped see that anything is possible and that with a bit of external help we can find all the answers internally. She helped me write a realistic time table that balance all the important things in my life like my family, friends, career and myself".

"Arantxa has grown into an amazing coach, she is so natural, intuitive and empathetic. We have explored various topics that have come about in a very organic way throughout our sessions. I felt the coaching techniques used were very well designed and thorough. After every session I came away with a lot to follow on and had a great sense of using the brain ‘muscle’ very well. I would thoroughly recommend Arantxa as a great coach".