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Pericardium Massage Therapy 

(Osteophaty Bioenergetic Cellular) 


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I’m certificated and specialised in Pericardium Massage Therapy Level 1 and Level 2 by the Osteopathy Bioenergetic Cellular Medicine in Spain, where it was created in 1995 and has been practiced for 25 years now.

Do you know about Pericardium Massage?

The massage that releases your emotions and connects with your heart. 

Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with emotions, and when we manage them poorly, they can create blockages in our body causing pain or disease.  Living in a survival mode of stress and fear can cause the contraction of cells and organs in our body as well as potentially changing the natural and coherent rhythm of our heart.

When we experience these intense emotions (stress, fear, anxiety, insecurity) a membrane called the Pericardium contracts to protect our heart.

What is the Pericardium?

The Pericardium is a membrane around the heart that protects it and keeps all the emotional memories from our childhood. The goal of this membrane is to protect our heart from direct impact of fear and stress. When this happens, the Pericardium retracts to keep the heart alive and pumping.

In Chinese medicine this membrane is called “master heart” and it is considered to be of great importance because it is the guardian of the heart which houses our Spirit.

What is the connection with the Pericardium and other organs of the body?

Because of multiple anatomical and neurophysical insertions, any reaction of the Pericardium affects all of the organism extensively. The Pericardium is closely linked to the heart, the diaphragm, the pleuras, the trachea, the esophagus, the entry of the stomach, the principal arterial and venous tracts, the phrenic centre (responsible for the respiration), the stellar ganglion (key in the regulation of the neurovegetative nervous system), the base of the craneum, the intracraneal membranes, the tiroides and thymus glands, plus numerous ligaments that link it directly to the spine from the sacrum to the craneum's base.

What is Pericardium Massage?

It is an inner and emotional massage through different pressures and movements around the Pericardium area mainly (chest area) as well as around other parts that are connected with it. The goal of the massage is to liberate the Pericardium from emotional impacts in our life; emotional knots located around the Pericardium and other parts of the body, to enable proper flow of energy  creating a coherence in our heart's rhythm and reconnecting us with it, and bringing back a state of balance of the whole body.

What is Osteopathy Bioenergetic Cellular?

Pericardium Massage is based on OBC medicine that emphasizes the importance of the emotional impact on our state of health, and emotion regulating mechanisms located in the Pericardium.

According to OBC, the heart is the most vital organ par excellence, as well as the receptor and catalyst of our emotional and spiritual life. Pericardium Massage, based on Osteopathy Bioenergetic Cellular, is not a massage that concentrates on the bones and muscles, but is an inner massage that aims to recalibrate the energy and emotional blockages around the body.

Benefits of the massage

  • Reduces symptons of anxiety and stress.
  • Releases the contraction of the Pericardium on a physical and energetical level.
  • Liberates emotions in our heart from negative experiences in life.
  • Creates coherence in the heart's rhythm.
  • Rebalances the natural cell function from surivival to expansion mode.
  • Brings awereness of our emotional world.
  • Reconnects us with our inner power, the intelligence of our heart and our Spirit.
  • Balances the energy of the whole body.

Pericardium Massage can also help to reduce and release other common disorders which affect our body such as anxiety, pessimism, anguish, depression, insomnia, light sleep, arhythmia, tachycardia, hypertension, difficult digestion, asthma, intercostal pain, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, migraines, headaches.

The recommended general treatment  is three sessions in a row with one or two weeks in between every session. 

If you would like to experience and feel the benefits you can enjoy the first session at a discounted rate.

Let’s liberate the pericardium ; the guardian of our heart, that carries the seed of the memory of who we are. 


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