Jo Christophe

A qualified therapeutic massage therapist since 1997, I gained a Masters degree at the British School of Osteopathy in 2012 and have been treating patients at the BSO (now UCO) and across London ever since.

In addition to osteopathy I use a variety of massage techniques, plus rhythmic articulation (Harmonics), Kinesio taping and stretching, to relieve pain and restore movement, according to my patients’ particular needs.

I regularly treat back, neck and shoulder pain including common complaints such as cervicogenic headaches, sciatic pain and sports injuries, also foot (plantar fasciitis), and postural related problems. I also have a Foundation in medical acupuncture, which I use in conjunction with osteopathic and massage techniques for specific problems, such as relieving trigger points within muscle tissue.

As a runner, climber and daily gym user, I have first-hand knowledge of the stresses and demands exercise and sport places on the body, as well as the implications of injury. My understanding of the body’s mechanics and its needs enables me to plan rehabilitation programmes and provide advice to anyone at any level of fitness, from the office worker to the professional athlete.


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"I’ve been visiting Jo since 2016 and her results are extraordinary. As an office worker and commuter with hypermobility issues (combined with intensely physical archaeological work in the summers), 

I have been treated by a range of practitioners for 30 years with varying results. But Jo has systematically worked through a range of physical problems, leaving me more mobile, flexible and pain-free. Her approach is both practical and intuitive, and has helped me achieve a new level of fitness in my mid-50s."

Joanne, Orpington