Catherine Gehin

I graduated as a Biodynamic massage therapist at the London School of Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy (LSBP) and am currently undergoing my training as body psychotherapist. 

What is Biodynamic Massage?

Biodynamic massage is the name given to the much loved range of therapeutic and relaxing specialised methods developed by Gerda Boyesen, (Norwegian psychologist and physiotherapist) which are effective in the treatment and relief of many physical, nervous and psychological conditions. It is a complete treatment in itself, concerned with the integration of all aspects of an individual – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. 

I trained in a large repertoire of biodynamic massages, each with their own set of movements and intentions. As a Biodynamic massage therapist, I will choose a particular massage to bring about harmony in your body. As each person is unique, no two sessions are exactly the same.

A massage given using a Stethoscope 

Biodynamic massages are done using a stethoscope placed under the navel of the client.  Listening to the response of the digestive track to the massage allows the therapist to attune the massage in order to reach and liberate the accumulation of energy, fluids and stress products stored in the contracted tissues and stimulate the body’s self-regulation.

The ideas behind biodynamic massage rest on certain theoretical ideas:

- There is a direct and symbiotic link between emotional stress and chronic muscular tension.

- Chronic tensions accumulate whenever emotional release and spontaneity are inhibited.

- In a totally relaxed state the organism is capable of discharging nervous tensions via its metabolic process. 

- All people have the capacity to self-heal

Who can benefit from biodynamic massage?

Biodynamic massage is beneficial to a range of people including those with stress, IBS, muscle tension, migraines, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, low immunity, people who have experienced physical and emotional trauma, and those who wish to create a greater connection between mind and body. 

Clients can benefit from a one off session, but to see deeper longer lasting change, a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended. 

“Body and Mind work as one: By touching one, we touch the other “

“Throughout my life I had never connected my mind and body and I know now that viewing them separately prevented me from ever truly feeling at one with myself.  Working with Catherine, I have been able to join mind and body and experience the “ever lurking” anxiety and fear that I had carried for years, gradually disperse. Catherine is a warm and genuine person, her empathic nature ensures that you feel safe in her presence and enables you to trust in the process. I am an advocate for biodynamic massage. It has proven to be an enlightening experience and one that I wholeheartedly recommend”  Jayne.


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